Hi My Name Is Carley!

Hello there, my name is Carley or Scriptylife as I’m sometimes known on social media, because of my life in Scripts in Television and Film. I am a Script Supervisor, Editor and Aspiring Screenwriter (which I will talk about in much greater detail later) but for now, hello from me and I hope you enjoy reading my blog.

Now I mentioned social media in the paragraph above however, you won’t actually find me on Facebook or Twitter as I’ve permentantly deleted my profiles. I’ll occasionally reactivate my Instagram profile to look at cute videos of baby piglets and I’ll shoot and edit videos of my kids for my YouTube channel however, I much prefer to use my time being creative, without the negativity that social media brings. I’ve had a lot of negative experiences on there from trolls, fake news and having my profile hacked ecsetera which have pushed me towards a social media free life. I do sometimes feel as though I’m missing something important from connecting with the world with my writing, which is why I am here writing this very Blog! So as my experiences go, my mental health from my troll and social media free life has never been better, so I’d really appreciate it if people could please refrain from any negativity on my blog to protect the creative little positive bubble I live in. I’m a free, kindred, happy spirit just wanting to share content and connect my writing with the outside world. I’m not really sure as to what I’ll be writing about just yet, but here is a list of some of the things that interest me, so you can choose whether to come back!

  • Documenting my career in the TV and Film Industry, speaking about the TV shows and Films that I’ve been working on (post them being screened) and sharing some behind the scenes photos with you all!
  • Being a Mum and how I juggle a career and running a household.
  • Short, funny and real life stories, as well as stories about the historical events and people that I read about.
  • Talking about Space, the universe and all things Cosmos!
  • Book and Film reviews.
  • Poems and the occasional stories I have written.
  • Fun things I’m doing with my family.
  • Speaking about my personal writing projects and what I’m up to on my journey through the writing world, both in scripts and books!
  • Addressing mental health stigma.
  • Law of attraction and how it changed my life.
  • The countries I’m visiting, the food I’m eating and the life I’m leading!

After reading from some other established female authors and writers, that having a blog has enabled them to rise through the ranks and put themselves out there, I’ve taken inspiration from that with the hope of achieving this for my own career. As I’m not interested in promoting myself as I do not enjoy being in the limelight, I feel that being able to write in this capacity without the ‘look at me’ status will benefit me. I know you’re probably thinking “why go into Television if you don’t want the attention” but… Well that’s just it. Originally I always thought I wanted to be an actress, working in theatre, doing as much as I could to be on camera but my experiences in life have lead me to realise that the attention, fame and everything else that comes with a career in the media, is everything I don’t want for myself and all I do want is to be creative. I’ll aim to write at least 1 to 2 blogs per week depending on how busy my schedule is (as believe me it gets busy) with the hope that I can build some connections and friendships with other likeminded writers. Please feel free to ask me any questions or post requests on what you’d like me to write about, as I’m sure you’ll have a lot of questions to ask about working in Television and Film.

Things to point out about my blog:

  • I’m making a public blog rather than keeping a personal journal, so that prospective people can see my writing style without the want to publish myself on social media.
  • I’ll write about anything and everything I find interesting, so what might be interesting to some may not be to others so please be kind!
  • I’d love to connect with other likeminded writers and creatives, who may potentially want to work with me in the future.
  • I’ll plan to successfully blog throughout the year with the hope that this time next year, I’ll have an agent for my writing to project my career in the right direction!

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog! I hope I haven’t been too blunt but I do feel people can beat around the bush when it comes to writing how they feel. With me, I know exactly what I want, how I’m going to achieve it and my fierce high success achieving ethos will help me strive for it! I’m a friendly, positive Northern lass who’s writing style reflects my strong regional voice and I’ll stop at nothing to achieve my dreams! The Universe responds accordingly!

Published by scriptytvlife

Hey everyone, My name is Carley or Scriptylife as I'm known on social media, which I'm not a huge fan of anymore hence why I've created this blog! I wanna be able to write freely about the things I love, as writing is my passion but without all the negativity that social media brings.

2 thoughts on “Hi My Name Is Carley!

  1. WOW — what a fascinating first blog post! πŸ˜€
    Excellent domain name, too — though, was neither “script” nor “scripts” available? Who owns the .LIFE TLD?
    I usually ask people who use the term “social media” to define what they mean by that term, but I will overlook that aspect here (since you also write about yourself πŸ˜‰ ).
    This is a good basis for an about page. Could you let me know more about the *CONTEXTS* you wish your CONTENT / work to appear in, the IMPACT you wish to have, etc.?
    πŸ™‚ Norbert

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    1. Hey Norbert,
      Thanks so much for my first EVER WordPress comment / feedback! It means a lot to have such a positive response! Well my nick name online or username I tend to go by is ‘scriptylife’ a Scripty being the slang term for what is known as a Script Supervisor, or Set PA or Continuity girl as they used to call them in Hollywood. We now know that both men and women can of course carry out this role and the term Scripty is used to describe all! So I took on the name ScriptyLife to describe everything I do within my day to day life as well as my career and I kind of enjoy that too! Well I think I now actually own .Life now πŸ˜‚ WordPress suggested this to me so I said I’d take it πŸ˜€ So http://www.scripty.life is my URL for my WordPress which I absolutely love!!

      In terms of social media I’m referring to the likes of but not excluded to: Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat etc… I find these platforms very time consuming when I could be using that time to be create and do the things I love such as spending time with family, writing, reading, drawing, painting and so on!

      The impact I would love my work to have is to educate people on working in Television and Film as well as showing and giving examples of my writing ability to prospective people wishing to find out a little bit more about me as a writer. That being said and because I’m a lot more than just my work I’d like to also talk about other things that interest me such as the universe, law of attraction, history, films, drama and literature to give a broader view of who I am. I hope that you will continue to follow my posts and I will be sure to subscribe to you too!

      Best wishes and thanks again πŸ˜€
      Carley x

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